Remake Project

Dante Allighieri - Castagno vs. Westerheide

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We here at MCS love a good competition. We also like to stretch our minds and challenge ourselves to be creative. So, when we heard about the awesome Remake Project on BOOOOOOOM!, it didn’t take us long to decide we needed to hold our own version of the contest.

The mission was simple: Take any classic painting, sculpture, or other piece of artwork, recreate the scene, and capture it in a photograph. Oh, and we weren’t allowed to alter the photo after

it was taken. Everything had to be arranged before the photo was taken.

Each person could submit one official entry for the competition, but we encouraged multiple submissions. After a generous submission period and two deadline extensions, we pulled together 12 great submissions.

The stakes were high. The vote was winner-take-all. And somehow, James managed to cheat the system and walk away with the win, some fun swag, and a ton of bragging rights (that’s him, wearing the OSU Snuggie).

Overall, it was a fun little competition for the team and gave us all a chance to get the creative juices flowing. If you want to see what sparked the whole contest, head over to the BOOOOOOOM! Remake page.

Dante Allighieri - CastagnoDante Allighieri - WesterheideTwo Young Girls at the Piano - RenoirTwo Young Girls at the Piano - Jasko
Son of Man - MagritteSon of Man - YoungComposition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow - Mondrian
Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow - RohrerMadonna and child - UnknownMadonna and child - RohrerBlack Square - MalevichBlack Square - JaskoNo. 5 - PollockNo. 5 - Rohrer



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